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Providing students with cutting edge innovative medical, beauty & wellness education. We offer hybrid diploma programs. Medical training certification Courses. Esthetic workshops for advanced learning. 

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About Us
Altruistic Academy Creating Brighter Futures

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The Altruistic Academy Core Values


Exceed expectations when serving others. Continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us!


Learning how to recognize both your strengths & weaknesses. Staying committed to achieving your goals.


Sharing values and cultures as one. It takes a village to raise a farm. Team work makes the dream work!


The Feeling You Get When Making A Difference. The Reward You Receive Personally And As A Team Member. “You Must Be The Change You Want To See 

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Our Mission

We aim to provide the highest level of education to our community. We are committed to our students.

Our Vision 

We will be public-spirited, compassionate, noble in improving the of quality education. making a difference & Creating Brighter futures.

Our Culture

To Inspire and Infuse Students With Confidence!

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We provide our students with hybrid courses to allow flexibility!

Providing students with leadership skills

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Why Choose Us

Our passion is to provide the highest level of education to our students. As a passionate team we are determined to make a difference.

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Facial Specialist Program

Turn Your Dream Career Into A Reality

Take the first step and make the it possible! You are the CEO of your future! Stop dreaming and take action!

About The Founder

How it all began... A Nurse with a Vision & Dedicated Passion

Inspired by a female entrepreneur, who along with her own creativity and feedback from her 2 decades as a nurse caring for others, is motivated to make a difference in the world.

By listening and understanding the needs of her patients, family, and friends throughout her career of advocating and providing healthcare she realized there is a void in the way education is being delivered in the beauty, wellness, and healthcare fields.

She realized long ago helping others to achieve their best life as possible and making a difference in others lives was a born gift and gave her purpose in providing for humanity.

This Woman has Unstoppable Dedication, Perseverance, and Undeniable Passion.

She now has learned and gathered all of the skills and capabilities necessary to make her dreams come alive with the creation of Altruistic Academy.

Inspiring others, infusing them with confidence and creating futures for others and building leaders one day at a time!

Christina Sisler

Founder, CEO