Medical Aesthetican Diploma Program

Become a Medical Aesthetician by Earning a Skin Care License and Laser Tech Certification in JUST 6 months!

Skincare & Electrolysis
650 Hour Dual Diploma Program

Medical Aesthetician Program admission requirements.

  1. Complete an academy tour 
  2. Provide high school transcripts or equivalent
  3. Provide a valid State ID or Drivers License
  4. Make student registration payment 
  5. Complete student enrollment agreement

Our Medical Aesthetician program curriculum is designed to give you the crucial information. That is required to succeed in today’s professional health & beauty industry. This program is a combined program. Students will receive their Facial Specialist license  and the Electrolysis/Laser license. 

The first 300 clock hours you will learn the following:

  • Facial treatment devices
  • Botani-Clinical product knowledge 
  • Lash & brow tint
  • Facial lymphatic techniques 
  • Facial hair removal – wax, thread, & sugar
  • Lash extensions 
  • Day & Evening Makeup
  • Comprehensive skin analysis
  • Treatment services

The next 350 clock hours you will learn the following:

  • Three electrolysis modalities (Thermolysis, Galvanic Electrolysis, and the Blend Method)
  • Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal
  • Treatment procedures
  • Use and maintenance of hair removal devices, equipment, and supplies
  • Skin typing and how to choose the right treatment parameters
  • Hair-removal business management

We use a digital learning platform called CIMA by Milady and Canvas digital learning platform. The platform is loved by both students and instructors because it helps us seamlessly train students using a combination of digital learning, hands-on learning, and teacher instruction. The foundation of our teaching is the curriculum set forth by the Florida Board of Cosmetology and the Florida Electrolysis Council. This curriculum, along with the CIMA & Canvas platform and our experience, helps prepare each student for their state licensure. 

Full time: 22 Weeks attending 30 hours per week

Part time: 33 Weeks attending 20 hours week

For the first 10 weeks, students may choose from day or evening class times. 


  • On Campus Monday & Tuesday, 9am-4pm
  • 18 hours per week CIMA online self-study


  • On Campus Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 5pm – 9pm
  • 18 hours per week CIMA online self-study


After that, the focus turns to the Elecrolysis/Laser portion of the program. Schedule for weeks 11-20:

  • On Campus Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10am – 4:30pm
  • 12 hours per week self-study with Canvas
The last 2 weeks of the program are dedicated to perfecting your practical skills. These classes will all be on campus. Schedule for weeks 21-22:
  •  Thursday & Friday, 10am – 5pm

Students will receive their kit during orientation. 

  • Ipad
  • Milady eBook
  • Tweezers & brow scissors
  • Extractor
  • Cryoglobes
  • Lash curler
  • Lash extension kit
  • Strip lashes
  • Bowls & brushes
  • Apron
  • Mirror 
  • Linens
  • Skin Care Products Kit

With this program students will receive their facial specialist license through the State of Florida.

  1. Candela Certification
  2. Dectro Certification
  3. Skin Scripts Facial Treatments
  4. Lash & Brow Tinting
  5. Facial Hair Removal
  6. Lash Extensions
  7. Skin Analysis
  8. Facial Treatment Devices
  9. Botani-Clinical Product Knowledge
  10. Day & Evening Makeup

Students must complete all 650 clock hours. Students must pass program final exam. Once final exam has been passed and all required hours are completed, students will be able to apply to take the Electrolysis Prometric exam.

Please click on the link for more information on obtaining your Electrolysis license through the State of Florida.

Learn Medical Aesthetician Procedures With State of the Art Equipment

We have partnered with Candela,
Florida Electrolysis Board
Electrolysis Board Exam Requirements
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Medical Aesthetician Program Cost

Meet, Maria & Rebecca Program Instructors

Facial Specialist Instructor

Rebecca Porter

Esthetics Program Instructor

"Together with our experience and passion in the beauty industry we have developed a program that provides the knowledge and skills to become successful leader in the industry."

Medical Aesthetician & Laser Electrolysis Instructor

Maria Castro

Electrolysis/Laser Instructor

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