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Massage Therapy Program

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The Hybrid Massage Therapy Program

750 Clock Hours
This course provides students with the tools for success

This Massage Therapy Course provides students with entry level skills, classic Swedish and deep tissue techniques, plus 20 other modalities including reiki, sports massage, cupping, and percussion tools. Certifications in stone massage, prenatal massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and range of motion.

We use a digital learning platform called CIMA by Milady. The platform is loved by both students and instructors because it helps us seamlessly train students using a combination of digital learning, hands-on learning, and teacher instruction. The foundation of our teaching is the curriculum set forth by the Board of Massage Therapy in the State of Florida. This curriculum, along with the CIMA platform and our experience, helps prepare each student for their state licensure. 

750 Clock Hours

Full time: 31 Weeks attending 24 hours per week

Part time: 38 Weeks attending 20 hours per week

  • On Campus Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 9a-4p
  • 6-8 hours CIMA online self-study per week
  • Maximum of 6 hours per day and 12 hours per week of CIMA online self-study
  • On Campus Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 5p-9p
  • 4-6 hours CIMA online self-study per week
  • Maximum of 6 hours per day and 12 hours per week of CIMA online self-study
  1. Complete an academy tour. 
  2. Provide high school transcripts or equivalent. 
  3. Pass a level 2 background check. 
  4. Provide a valid State Id or Drivers License.
  5. Make student registration payment. 
  6. Complete student enrollment agreement. 
  1. Massage Table
  2. Ipad
  3. Percussion Device
  4. 2 Sets of Linens
  5. Lotion Bottle & Holster
  6. Milady CIMA with eBook
  7. Pathology eBook
  8. Trail Guide to the Body textbook & workbook
  9. Bag to carry your supplies

Students must complete all 750 clock hours. Students must pass program final exam. Once final exam has been passed and all required hours are completed, students will be able to apply to take the MBLEx exam. Please click on the link for more information on obtaining your massage license through the State of Florida.

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I Am Caitlin Haselden, LMT

Caitlin Haselden Massage therapist Instructor

With 16 years of massage therapy expertise and 4 years of education experience, I am now program coordinator for Massage Therapy at Altruistic Academy. In the wide-ranging field of massage therapy, it is my mission to inspire ethical massage therapists to master the skills and techniques that will allow them to succeed in this industry.