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We Provide Laser Hair Removal Services Using the Candela Gentle Max Pro

Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal With Candela Gentle Max Pro

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Small Area $35.00
Lip, Peri-Anal Upper Area Ears, Chin, Areola Side Burns
Medium Area $45.00
Feet, Hands, Jawline Back of Neck, Shoulder Under Arms
Large Area $55.00
Full Face, Bikini Area Upper Back, Lower Back Lower Legs, Arms
Briliizan $85.00
Kim Beattie
Laser Hair Removal
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This is definitely the place to go if you want to feel comfortable. Everyone is so friendly and want to make sure you are at ease. They have all the answers to you question and check on you throughout the process. It was a pain free process in every way.
Ngan Nguyen
Laser Hair Removal
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Fernanda and Maria were the best. I had hair removal and they were giving me the best experience. Very nice and friendly and care about me. Great service.
Edvania santos
Laser Hair Removal
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Yesterday, I did my first laser removal hair. I confess that I was consenting, but As soon as we started the process, I relaxed. The team was super efficient and friendly and made me feel very comfortable. The process takes less than ten minutes, which is wonderful.