3D-AREOLA Nipple Tattoo Restorative Training

2-Day Restotative Areola & Nipple Cosmetic Tattoo Training Workshop

3D-Areola Training Academy

Are You Ready To Make A Difference

Become A Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

The demand for cosmetic tattoo artists is on the rise. If you’re drawn to making a positive impact on others’ confidence

The main objective is to provide the best Paramedical Certification to those wanting to perform 3D Areola Tattoos, Scar

  • Tattoo machine fundamentals — machine settings and speeds
  • In-depth needle cartridge review
  • Consultations, charting, and understanding patient needs
  • Proper tattoo techniques for maximum color retention
  • Color theory and custom color mixing
  • HIPAA Awareness training & certification
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Creating a realistic 3D nipple tattoo
  • Types of breast reconstructions and mastectomies and how they impact tattooing
  • Working in radiated skin and scar tissue
  • Color matching and tattooing native areola tissue
  • Reconstructed nipples vs flat surface
  • Re-pigmenting post-necrotic areolas
  • Administrative aspects of client billing & insurance
  • Aftercare procedures and instruction
  • Marketing: Networking with plastic surgeons and hospitals
  • Secrets to winning with social media: The Dos & Donts with areola and nipple post

Starter Kit Includes 

  • Tattoo Machine
  • Practice Skins
  • Pigments
  • Mapping Tools
  • Reference Guide
DAY 1: “Fundamentals of Areola Reconstruction”
  1. Introduction to 3D Areola Training
  2. Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology of the Breast and Areola
  3. Different techniques in Areola Reconstruction
  4. Color Theory and Pigment Selection for Realistic Areola
  5. Risk in Tattooing
  6. Skin Practice and basic Steps
  7. Light source and how it is used
  8. Client Consultation and Aftercare Guidance
  9. Introduction to Scar Camouflage and Inkless Scar Revision
DAY 2: “Hands-on Practical Training”
  1. Sterilization and Safety Procedure (Machine wrapping and tray setup)
  2. Needle knowledge
  3. Drawing Techniques
  4. Live Demonstration of Areola Reconstruction Technique for Students on Practice Skin and live Model
  5. Practice Skin Exercises: Basic Stroke Techniques
  6. Creating Depth and Dimension in 3D Areola Tattoos
  7. Individual Guidance and feedback on Technique
  8. Color Selection for Different Fitz
  9. Final Practical Session: Full 3D Areola Reconstruction
  10. Graduation Ceremony and presentation of Certificates
NOTE: Each Day will include a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. Participants will have the opportunity to work on practice skin, and receive personalized guidance. 
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Dedicating passion to cosmetic tattooing, bringing hope and transformation to those affected by breast cancer!

Christina Marie, RN

Christina Marie, RN

Registered Nurse Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
Experienced Registered Nurse Educator.


Permanent Make-Up & Cosmetic Tattoo Artist
Experienced PMU Artist and Educator